Constructive Feedback for the ESV

March 11, 2009 at 3:12 pm Leave a comment

This is a post over at

So I am writing a blog post to offer some constructive feedback to the ESV translation team, hoping to improve the clarity and accuracy of the English in the ESV.  Let me be clear: my motivation is love; I want to help make a good Bible translation even better, for God’s glory and for (English-speaking) humanity’s edification.

I agree with many of the weaknesses listed there.
The ESV is not the only translation suffering from these but since the ESV is the topic of the post here are 2 of the biggest weaknesses in my opinion.

  • Traditionalism (John 3:16 was one example mentioned)
  • Word Order (Yoda and Lord of the Rings type renderings)
  • Let me say again, the ESV is not the only one that suffers from these at times.
  • Please read the full post for more information

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